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Bucket Truck/Aerial Lift Procedures

Bucket Truck/Aerial Lift Procedures 
Duration: 4 Hours
The course provides an overview of the safety procedures that should be employed when working with bucket trucks/aerial lifts including common hazards associated with their operation. The course includes a review of the pertinent OSHA Standards, Pre-Job inspection/preparation procedures, Maintenance of Traffic for sites using this equipment, utility protection, required personal protection equipment and basic rescue procedures.
NOTE: This is a classroom only course reviewing SAFETY procedures. It does not review actual operation of bucket trucks or aerial lifts.
Learning Objectives: 
Participants will obtain knowledge on working safely with and around bucket trucks/aerial lifts along with recognizing and controlling the associated hazards.
Participant Profile: 
Management designing Safety Procedures for Bucket Trucks/Aerial Lifts, Supervision overseeing Bucket truck/Aerial Lift operations, any employee who operates or works in the vicinity of a Bucket Truck/Aerial Lift.