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Arc Flash Safety

Arc Flash Safety 
Duration: 60 Minutes
Overview: An overview of the dangers associated with Arc Flash incidents as well as preventative measures that should be employed based on National Electrical Code Standards.  This program does not qualify participants for working on equipment susceptible to arc flash, it is only a basic review of the procedures that need to be in place.  The program includes:
• A review of an actual arc flash incident and its consequences to the employee
• A review of the responsibilities of the qualified personnel performing the work
• The personal protection equipment that should be worn while performing maintenance on arc flash potential equipment.
Learning Objectives: After completion of the program, the participants will have an understanding of the safety precautions that need to be followed.  This is more to educate employees that they ARE NOT qualified to do the work and should leave such work to qualified electricians.
Participant Profile: Those attending this class should work around electrical equipment but do not perform any actual electrical maintenance.